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7 Reasons to Have Cyber Liability Insurance

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

If you are like many, you are more connected today than ever before. From cell phones to digital personal assistants, our homes are wired to the max. Our phones are smart, our TVs are smart—even our appliances are often connected to Wi-Fi. While these connections bring many conveniences, they may also introduce additional cyber threats into your home.

The threats of a computer virus or phony email may not be new concepts, but numerous other threats are emerging and occurring at an increasing rate. You or your family could be targets of any one of them.

To help protect you from the growing number of cyber threats, Acuity Insurance introduced a new coverage in 2019 to enhance their Identity Theft coverage. This cyber endorsement helps protect from financial loss caused by an identity fraud or cyber-related event, including:

  1. Identity Fraud Expense reimburses for expenses incurred as a result of recovering one’s identity.

  2. Data Recovery and System Restoration coverage reimburses the cost to recover lost data and/or repair your personal devices after a hacking attack.

  3. Cyber Crime coverage can apply to a variety of criminal activities, such as wire transfer fraud, credit card fraud, and phishing attacks.

  4. Cyber Extortion coverage reimburses in a situation where an insured may be denied access to a device until a ransom is paid.

  5. Cyber Bullying coverage provides reimbursement for financial loss caused by online harassment or bullying. This is a first and third-party coverage.

  6. Data Breach of Others coverage provides reimbursement for necessary costs associated with notification of others in the event a cyber event causes a breach in the personal information of others.

  7. Legal Expense and Damages Reimbursement applies if someone claims the insured is responsible for the loss of their personal information.

Acuity’s Identity Fraud Expense and Cyber Protection is comprehensive protection for you and your family in a world of evolving risk.

Ask our friends at Morgan & Bartlett, Baggett & Shands Insurance Agency about this coverage today! 800-856-4782 or

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