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Our Technology Delivers an Edge Over the Competition

We utilize sophisticated technologies to ensure we deliver consistent, high quality technical support services to hundreds of customers all at the same time.  In addition to our great people (including our certified engineers, account managers, and technical service managers), we leverage these tools to help give each customer an unfair competitive advantage.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the tools we use to support our customers:

Cyber One’s Professional Services Automation (PSA):

Our Professional Services Automation (PSA) system is a secure web portal that provides customers complete visibility into their “virtual IT department” at Cyber One Solutions. This tool can be used to perform the following tasks: check project status, communicate with their dedicated IT support team, monitor their users, and submit new service requests and help desk incidents or work alongside with our Shared Operator function.

The Professional Services Automation (PSA) system is also utilized by our account management teams to quickly and efficiently manage all client-job information, including: technical consulting assignments, client points-of-contact, notification procedures, and all other operational aspects of a client’s technical support or project.

Finally, the Professional Services Automation (PSA) system allows our remote help desk support staff to track all support incidents opened at our Service Desk. This system shows us problem trends on your network, tracks statistics, and classifies all incidents according to problem type, all of which allow us to respond rapidly to problems as they arise.

Cyber One’s Remote Monitoring & Management

With remote monitoring and management (RMM), we can proactively monitor your environment, behind the scenes, and resolve issues without disrupting users. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) receives alerts for issue validation and remediation, which allows us to be more efficient so your users can remain more productive.

Cyber One’s Remote Help Desk

Our Help Desk Portal provides your employees with direct access to our Help and Support Desk so that they can report, manage, and resolve issues at the office or on-the-go. The Help Desk Portal enables our IT staff to work around your schedule and resolve your technical issues quickly and correctly the first time.

Benefits of Cyber One’s Technology:

  • Continuous Remote Monitoring and Management for improved efficiency.

  • Knowledge adapted to your specific environment and industry.

  • Full integration of all platforms system-wide.

  • Live screen-sharing and remote support.

  • Shared-operator access for customer-internal IT ticket escalation and sharing quickly with our service desk team.




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