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Remote Work —- The Era Of Covid-19

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

2020, the year of working at home –

This year we have seen a huge increase in remote work.

Back in March, with just days to prepare, many companies in the U.S halted their day-to-day operations and moved their employees from a secure and predictable work environment to the world of remote workspaces.

This proved to be a challenge for companies doing this for the first time. Moving employees to remote work is a hard enough task, but business owners then had an all new set of problems.

The problem of maintaining the productivity of their workers and their safety of sensitive data became a matter that NEEDED a solution FAST.

How can employers maintain structure and cybersecurity while working remote?

  1. Establish Importance of Cybersecurity 

  2. The first step in protecting company data is stress that data security is a priority.

  3. All new and existing employees must review and sign the policy, regardless of whether they work remotely or not.

  4. Ensure all Internet Connections Are Secure

  5. Using an unsecured Wi-Fi network is the most common way to expose your company to a data security breach.

  6. The easiest solution is to require employees to use a virtual private network (VPN).

  7. Rely on Two-Factor Authentication

  8. Passwords can be compromised or stolen, but with 2FA, the chances of someone also having your additional security question’s answer or PIN is unlikely.

Companies need to know where their data is physically located and that is is safe.

All business owners should be aware that data is safest in the cloud with professionals that have resources and experience to monitor security protection and respond to threats.

Cyber One Solutions offers a variety of security, network, and IT assessments. These assessments will determine your current security baseline and provide key actionable recommendations to improve and strengthen your security.

It is important to identify ways to improve your cybersecurity by monitoring your risks, evaluating impacts, and identifying strategies to get ahead. As companies have begun remote work, cybercriminals have adapted their approaches in a new rush of cyberattacks through phishing, business email compromise and ransomware.

  1. Phishing practice of sending emails pretending to be from a company in order steal personal and financial information.

  2. Business email compromise attacker hacks corporate email and uses it to defraud the company.

  3. Ransomware – software that infects your computer and displays messages demanding a fee to be paid in order for your system to work again.

It is important to train ALL employees on how to recognize these types of cyber threats. Training is for just in case of any threats getting through.

Ultimately, the most important things every employee needs is firewall, antivirus and anti-malware software.

This information should help you be mindful of your company’s future as we move into a new world, but if you have any questions or want professionals to carry the heavy weight call us and get an assessment to find out how Cyber One Solutions can help keep your employees and data safe!

Demand for flexibility in where and how people work continues to grow among employees. People working from home during Covid-19 agree that there are many aspects of remote work aren’t so bad, including saving time and money on commuting. 

We may not have expected this change, but people are loving it and now that the genie is out of the bottle – it’s not likely to go back in.

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